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A Luxury Travel Blog is like no other travel blog.

It focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, to name just a few.

Dr. Paul JohnsonThe blog is brought to you by Dr. Paul Johnson (pictured right on Mnemba Island, a remote luxury island off north-east Zanzibar, Tanzania) and a team of guest bloggers.

Paul has worked in the travel industry for some 20 years and has travelled extensively, from his home in Kendal, Cumbria to Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland.

He is also Managing Director of The Dedicated Partnership Ltd., an online tourism marketing company with a client base that includes some of the finest hotels in the world.

The Dedicated Partnership Ltd. operates over 200 travel-related websites including the leading travel search engine, directory and forums at Aardvark Travel, a site which serves in the region of 100,000 unique visitors every month. The company generates over $2 million annually in direct online hotel bookings worldwide, and at least the same again in offline sales.

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