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Test post 6 - Multi-images

Test post 6 – Multi-images

Suite name: Esmeralda EA 101 Resort: Esmerelda, Rocky Point, Mexico Size of accommodation: 5,000 sq ft Cost per night: 345 USD on week nights, 403 USD on weekends What makes it special? A subtle influence of low-key hacienda bursting with modern amenities. You’ll forget to visit the beach once you step inside this luxurious, million […]

Test post 9

Test post 9

Should serendipity bless you with a visit to Charlottesville, Virginia, during the outrageously colorful Autumn season, consider attending a Virginia Cavaliers‘ home football game from the comfort of one of 56 luxury boxes in Scott Stadium. Availability is limited due to long-term leases held on the majority of the suites by diehard orange-clad University of […]